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News: HotelREZ implements Revcaster Comp-Set Pricing Data

News: HotelREZ implements Revcaster Comp-Set Pricing Data 690 360 HotelREZ

HotelREZ has recently partnered with Revcaster, a leading supplier of hotel pricing tools, in order to provide its member hotels with rate parity reports as well as competitive pricing data.

HotelREZ is now shopping for hotels on a regular basis and across a number of different channels, allowing properties to monitor their current available rates. If and when hotels are selling on an alternative channel for less, a notification email will be sent. The latest shopping data reports will also be provided via the HotelREZ member portal. This report is being provided to hotel members free of charge.

Additionally to the free rate parity reports, HotelREZ is also enabling its member hotels with the possibility to track competitor hotel rates across the same channels, including up to 4 different competitors. This service, available at a cost, allows hotels to ultimately maximize their ADR.

Josef Lapka, Executive Director of Business Operations, explains:

“Our team presents pricing data to hotel members alongside website analytics data and reservation data from the Central Reservation System. We amalgamate all these data sources so members are able to gain valuable insights about their pricing and marketing decisions as well as revenues generated from all the different distribution channels, all in one place. Providing hotels with this level of integrated data, along with our revenue consultancy, enables them to make more informed decisions.”

Revcaster is providing HotelREZ with price parity data for one and three-night stays, 10 days in advance.

“We can create our own reports to verify strategies that establish parity. We can also increase or decrease the reporting data points as needed. But ultimately, our mission is to help member hotels achieve higher revenue, capture more reservations, and do both more efficiently.”

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