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Booking Engine
Convert online shoppers to hotel guests

The most flexible

and intuitive booking platform

with a deep retail focus,
tested for maximum conversion
with an unmatched guest experience.

Easy to use, intuitive, fast loading, mobile-first design. Native CRS integration for real-time advanced pricing, shopping, & availability.

Shopping Cart Summary always on display to promote transparency, adding to the booker’s confidence.

OTA inspired built-in Urgency Triggers. Number of lookers, bookers and rooms left.

Fully customisable

Device responsive customized design for consistent branding. You can now deliver a seamless shopping experience across all devices.

Packaging Features

Boost direct revenue with retailing & merchandising. Increase your revenue per booking by offering special packages and room upgrades.

Multiple Languages

Reach international bookers by enabling them to select their native language and preferred currency.


SBE Booking Engine goes through continuous usability testing to ensure it remains the
industry-leading booking engine solution.

Feature Rich

Engage with your audience and convert using modern e-commerce features, such as Urgency Triggers, Live OTA price comparisons, Alternate Availability and customizable booking flow tools

Integrated Tracking

Analyze and monitor your website, campaign or booking engine performance via a suite of reports and full Google Analytics integration.

A powerful e-commerce tool

REZbooker is a feature-rich hotel booking engine, optimised for all devices from web, to tablet and mobile.

Designed to help independent hotels and small chains convert online shoppers to hotel guests, and deliver real-time confirmed reservations.

Available in 26 languages and multiple currencies, seamlessly integrates with your hotel’s website design, and is packed full of configuration options, providing you with total flexibility and control.

More Intuitive Technology

All the tools you need to effectively for effective distribution and property management.

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Central Reservation System / CentralREZ CRS

HotelREZ Channel Manager black icon

Channel Manager Distribution Tool

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Content & Image Management Tools

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Commission Processing Tool