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Connecting independent properties with hoteliers across the globe.

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HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts is one of the world’s largest, yet tailored, companies dedicated to marketing and connecting independent hoteliers with bookers around the world.

We provide distribution, revenue, sales and marketing services and consultancy to over 2,500 independent hotels and small hotel groups in over 40 countries.

The HotelREZ member portfolio includes a wide variety of hotels and resorts, from sleek boutique city gems, to country-house retreats full of charm and history.

At HotelREZ we are focused on delivering results that surpass the expectations of each and every hotel member. Our strong client retention rates along with a steady growth in our hotel portfolio reflect our reputation and commitment to excellence in everything we do.

We are entrepreneurial, ambitious and results orientated.

20 Years Of Excellence

Why choose our services?

We understand the need of independent hotel owners and managers for a representation partner that can deliver more than just a technology platform.

At HotelREZ, the best channel management and hotel distribution technology solutions available in the market place are coupled with revenue management advice and comprehensive sales and marketing representation.

To HotelREZ, hotel representation means complete revenue management, consistent marketing to core and niche segments, as well as global preferred relationships with every sector of the demand community.

We pride ourselves on offering the most entrepreneurial approach to revenue growth and rate strategy in the representation market today. We add real incremental value to our members’ businesses.

Last year we delivered more corporate and consortia RFPs to our hotel customers than ever before, grew our network of preferred partners and increased our marketing activities at a chain, rate and hotel level.

We continuously measure success and understand that we have to consistently evolve to be superior.

HotelREZ has alliances, exclusive partnerships and a global footprint with offices and affiliates worldwide.

Our global knowledge and local presence drives incremental revenue to our members.

As we take on more hotels, we continue to build on what we are best known for; an exceptional support culture, an entrepreneurial approach to revenue management and a strong network of preferred partners and demand generation.

We truly care about delivering each and every hotel member, with results that continue to surpass their expectations.


individual hotel savings in consortia membership fees


corporate RFP incremental bid invitations across the globe


of global and niche OTAs channels connected

Our Executive Team

HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts was established in 2004 and is a privately owned company directly managed by its team of Executive Directors.

Chief Commercial Officer

Daniel Simmons

Daniel manages sales and client relationships at HotelREZ. He has over 15 years experience in the hotel industry and is a member of the Institute of Marketing, HCIMA and SKAL.

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Lewis

Mark is the founder and managing director for HotelREZ and World Rainbow Hotels. He started HotelREZ in 2004 after a successful career at renowned travel companies including Thomas Cook and Pegasus Solutions.

Chief Financial Officer

Yvonne Cobb

Yvonne is in charge of all of HotelREZ’s finances and making the most out of our budgets and projections. Yvonne has over 20 years experience in finance and accounting and has been with HotelREZ since 2008.

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