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Channel Manager Distribution Tool
Manage all distribution, from GDS to thousands of OTAs through one point of control

Gain Control.
Save time.

With ChannelREZ you can manage all of your hotel’s distribution from GDS to online travel agent extranets and your hotel’s booking engine via one login to one system.

More Sales, Less Effort!

• Embarrassing over bookings and erroneously closed out channels are a thing of the past

• Dramatically reduces the time spent managing different channels

• Increases occupancy and revenue by ensuring inventory is exposed to your chosen channel

• Easily achieve rate parity with all your inventory, rates and availability held in a single location

• Flexible, easy to use web-based interface

• Access to the leading online travel agencies

ChannelREZ manages availability in real-time

Either “stand alone” or “interfaced”
with your Property Management System (PMS).

If you currently work with a channel manager to manage OTA extranets, you can now also manage this business from HotelREZ and REZbooker.

You can either use our integrated channel management tool ChannelREZ, or alternatively, if you prefer to continue working with your existing provider, CentralREZ can interface to most of the leading channel managers in the marketplace today.

Intuitive Technology

All the tools you need to effectively distribute and manage your property.

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Central Reservation System / CentralREZ CRS

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