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Guest Post: Boost Creativity in your Next Meeting

Guest Post: Boost Creativity in your Next Meeting 690 360 HotelREZ

HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts member the Sundial Group proposes simple ways businesses can use to boost creativity at their staff meetings.

Every business in the UK is looking for ways to get ahead and retain their advantage, and very often, the key lies in training and development for employees. Meetings play an integral role in the business world, and with research suggesting that the average office worker spends around 16 hours in meetings each week, it is essential that organisers are getting the most from their employees.

Below are some of the ways the Sundial Group’s meeting venues are using and that may help you foster creativity and increase productivity at your next meeting:

  • Take a walk

    According to new research, people generate more creative ideas when they stand or walk rather than when they sit. Throughout your meeting, allow for movement and encourage delegates to get up and walk around, especially those with shorter attention spans! Encourage people to get out and go for a walk during their break-out sessions or lunch breaks.

  • Create your own environment

    Sundial Group’s ‘Sunetic Walls’ allow event organisers to display items on the walls in any location or at any height with the use of small magnets. This means you can add flip charts, photos, quotes and ideas related to the purpose of the meeting on the walls for inspiration.

  • Introduce creative play

    Just as some people like to doodle, others find that they can be more creative when they have tangible items to play with. An ever growing area of research suggests that introducing toys into meetings stimulates creativity and increases engagement amongst participants. Placing pipe cleaners in meeting rooms for the trainers and event hosts to hand out to delegates should they wish to use them is a great way to introduce creativity and increase audience engagement. Pipe cleaners are an effective resource to keep your participant’s minds engaged and thinking creatively, and they can be used to create sculptures and represent ideas.

  • Incorporate team building

    Spice up your meeting with a half day team building event. This will help significantly with employee engagement which will contribute to a happier workforce. Team building activities allows your team to both have fun as a group and learn how to be more effective in the workplace, through experiential learning.

About the Sundial Group and its venues:

A multi award-winning group with three dedicated meeting venues, a venue-finding agency and a team building company.

Barnett Hill Located just outside Guildford, in Surrey, is an ideal location for meetings, conference and events. The property boasts 7 fabulous meeting rooms supported by 8 syndicate rooms and 4 dining rooms.

Highgate House Located just 7 miles from Northampton town centre, this beautiful 17th century country inn provides a distraction-free environment for meetings and conferences.

Woodside is located in Kenilworth, Warwickshire and is the most intimate of Sundial’s conference venues with a wealth of 20 meeting rooms (with a maximum capacity of 120 people).

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