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HotelREZ now offering Private Label GDS chain code solutions

HotelREZ now offering Private Label GDS chain code solutions 690 360 HotelREZ

HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts (HotelREZ), one of the world’s largest and most flexible hotel representation providers, has launched its private label hotel chain code solution, allowing hotel groups to sit alongside and leverage global demand generation from its own HO chain code on the GDS.

With a continued focus on providing flexible and innovative hospitality solutions at a competitive price-point, UK based HotelREZ is now capable of supporting larger international or smaller regional hotel chains with their own private label chain code for distribution on the Global Distribution Systems (GDS). One of the first clients to sign-up to the service, Dorint Hotels & Resorts (Dorint), a major European brand with 38 key properties, has highlighted the importance of coupling HotelREZ’s robust technology (powered by Sabre), with the extensive network of preferred partnerships with travel management companies and consortia around the globe.

According to COO Karl-Heinz Pawlizki, of Dorint:

HotelREZ proved to be the top choice (for Dorint Hotels & Resorts), as it is capable of providing us with the very best technology in the market, and is able to improve upon this through its innovative global demand, marketing, bespoke account management and revenue solutions.

Mark Lewis, CEO of HotelREZ, explains the new service offering:

In order to remain truly competitive, hotels and hotel chains require tailored hotel distribution services, capable of offering not just great technology solutions, but also real added value services such as key relationship management, a targeted demand generation, flexible payment structures and exceptional support services. We understand that specific hotel groups may sometimes require their own chain code, but would still like to enjoy the security of having a dedicated account manager and support system in place that they can rely on. This more ‘caring’ approach to hotel distribution, together with our global demand generation, including RFP generation and easy access to consortia, are exactly what hotel chains like Dorint are looking for in a GDS partner.

Established more than 10 years ago, HotelREZ currently enables 1,000+ hotel customers across the globe to distribute their rates and inventory to over half a million travel agents who use the Global Distribution Systems (GDS), as well as millions more bookers, whose websites are powered by the GDS. In addition, HotelREZ customers benefit from a list of additional services, including corporate RFP generation, pay on performance access to consortia, as well as access to hundreds of preferred partnership agreements. Distribution to the GDS channel can now be conducted via the HotelREZ HO chain code or via the customers’ own private label chain code.

Lewis concludes:

The ability to drive incremental business is critical in building a strong business partnership between hotel group and representation partner. Technology itself will only go so far in differentiating the group, and therefore HotelREZ’s move into the Private Label segment is a natural step in the company’s evolution.

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HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts is a hotel representation company providing distribution, sales and marketing consultancy and technology to independent hotels and small chains. We provide properties with GDS representation under our own HO chain code, and help market hotels to thousands of travel and MICE agents and partners worldwide. For more information on joining our portfolio of unique and independent hotels contact our Business Development team today or complete our hotel membership enquiry form.