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Our hotel website marketing services are designed to help you drive more traffic to your hotel’s own website, and ultimately increase conversions and direct bookings.

Digital marketing services include SEO and PPC campaign set up and management, social media management services,  as well as the ability to market your hotel through Trip Advisor. We can also provide website design and development services.

Member hotels can also use the REZbooker hotel booking engine which is designed to help independent hotels and small chains convert online shoppers to hotel guests, as well as deliver real-time confirmed reservations.

HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts offers Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) services to member hotels. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) allows websites to achieve higher rankings (positioning) for specific searches across the major search engines. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services include analysis of the keywords and phrases that could drive potential visitors to your hotel’s website, as well as recommendations on how to implement SEO for these phrases.

Additionally, you can target your audience with strategic keywords through a cost-effective campaign to drive qualified traffic to your hotel’s website. Successful pay-per-click campaigns offer amazing returns and valuable brand-building opportunities. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising packages are designed around your needs and your budget. We ensure campaigns are targeted, affordable, and accountable, building brand presence and generating leads at a competitive ROI (Return on Investment).

HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts offer consultancy services designed to help you set up and manage your own marketing strategy, as well as grow referrals to your website from social channels. If you use the HotelREZ hotel booking engine, our development team can also help you to build a booking mask on your hotel’s Facebook page.

HotelREZ offers a market leading social media management and monitoring tool for hotel members. REZanalyst is a tool that lets you see what customers are saying about your hotel on consumer generated websites, and enables you to take a proactive approach rather than just reacting to the information that is posted.

From one simple online dashboard, you can track, analyse, monitor and react to what people are posting on the major travel and social media sites. You can also take a look at what is being said about your competitors.

For customers using the REZbooker booking engine, HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts can connect your hotel to a wide range of meta-search websites including TripAdvisor’s TripConnect Kayak, Google and Trivago.

If you are using the REZbooker Booking Engine, HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts can help you to closely analyse and monitor performance through our FREE web analytics reports. We have created a set of simple performance reports, available via our member portal, to provide your hotel with a daily snapshot of your website and booking engine performance. Track conversion rates from different parts of your website, or from marketing campaigns you are running, as well as see the average booking values, length of stay, rates and room types being booked.
Engage the HotelREZ design team to design and build your hotel’s website, email campaigns or develop hotel collateral including brochures, menus, signage or hotel logos.Hotel Design Services
REZbooker Booking Engine

Convert online shoppers to hotel guests with REZbooker Hotel Booking Engine

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