Our Commitment to You – The HotelREZ Customer Charter

HotelREZ aims to be the largest but yet most tailored company dedicated to helping independent hotels compete worldwide, through the hotel distribution, marketing and consultancy services that we provide. We aim to grow by way of reputation and a commitment to excellence in all we do.

Working Together

In any partnership there needs to be an agreement between both parties to work together to get the very best out of the relationship. After joining HotelREZ you will be provided a copy of our Service Level Agreement which details how we will work together with you to achieve your financial success.  Our Customer Charter will give you some indication of what you can expect.  We aspire to be the very best in the market.

Financial Goals

We realize all hotels are different, and as such the demand and revenue mix for each property has to be tailored to ensure we meet your financial goals. HotelREZ will offer tailored business plans to your hotel with specific financial targets, a commitment unmatched in the industry.

Total Quality Management

HotelREZ is working toward ISO9000, implementing the best industry standards within our organisation to ensure  we  continue to deliver the very best service to our customers, surpassing our competition and keeping you at the heart of our business.

Total Quality Implementation

We will provide a seamless implementation for any new hotel customer, whether you are switching from another provider, or are new to the distribution networks.   We will pay specific attention to the quality of the implementation, content, images, data and rate strategy.  We will ensure your hotel is in the best possible position to generate immediate incremental income. 

Total Quality Training

We will train your hotel staff to an exceptional standard, enabling them to get the very best out the HotelREZ system and global distribution available to you.  We will continue to offer monthly training sessions available to all HotelREZ members; for new staff or for those that need a refresher course.

Total Quality of Content

HotelREZ will work with you to ensure that your hotel is sold in the best possible light and therefore enjoys the highest conversion ratios from a potential guest to a booked guest. A HotelREZ Content Manager will review all of your hotel’s information that is distributed and offer suggestions for improvement.

Total Quality of Images & Rich Media

We will work with you to ensure that your hotel maximizes the use of rich media to increase conversion to your property. We will ensure your hotel has the right images and rich media available for distribution to onward partners and that these images are mapped to the correct audience, such as meeting images to MICE channels.  

Optimum Rate Strategy

We will work with you to develop the optimum rate strategy for your property, offering Niche and Core marketing programmes as well as Preferred Partnerships to drive incremental value to your hotel(s). This rate strategy forms part of our overarching business plan with you.

Speed to Market & Rate Loading

Our technology allows you to load your own rates and immediately push them out to market, with no delay. Negotiated rates can also be loaded by staff at your hotel, or alternatively can be loaded by our rate loading department. 

World class Support

We pride ourselves on the level of support we offer our customers. We make every effort to immediately resolve any query on first contact, avoiding lengthy delays or protracted communication.  Every communication with you is ticketed, tracked and reported on.  We believe we offer the best support in the industry today.

Exceptional Strategic Account Management

Our Account Management team will work with your hotel to set structured and measurable targets in the business planning process. Your hotel’s progress will then be monitored through monthly reports showing statistical data by channel, rate and agency. Regular revenue audits will also be put in place to ensure we work with you to forward plan, forecast and continuously adjust our distribution and marketing strategies for your hotel, as your business dynamics evolve.

Innovative Marketing Solutions

Our Niche and Core marketing programmes capture the imagination driving  new business to you. They are supported by full distribution plans through our worldwide partnerships. A range of programmes are available including Gourmet Breaks, Business Travel Rates, Spa , Golf,  Airport and  City Breaks.

Global Reach & Demand

With our network of global preferred partnerships, we are among the largest and most entrepreneurial, demand generating representation companies in the world today.  We have preferred partnerships with many global travel agency groups, consortia, corporations, MICE bookers, incentive houses, web sites, Tour Operators and ground agents around the world, all biasing our members, supporting our members and contributing to your success. Your hotel has access to our worldwide partnerships enabling you to leverage our global relationships and drive incremental income to your hotel.

Evolutionary Connectivity

Whether we connect to the GDS, directly to web sites or via the Pegasus switch, to your PMS, CRS or any other solution, our technology (HTNG / OTA compliant), makes the entire process simple.  We will work with you to increase operating efficiency and reduce costs through automation, which enhances  the overall service we offer to you.

Powerful Business Intelligence and Analysis

Our analysis and reporting solutions allow our members to make meaningful commercial decisions on a real time basis.  We drill into complex financial results and cut through the numbers.  We offer training on the reporting functionality to ensure that you have the right reports going to the right people, to make the right decisions.

We are Ethical

HotelREZ operates and publishes an Ethical policy. We are ethical in our dealings with our customers, our staff and suppliers and take corporate social responsibility seriously.  Details of our Ethical Policy may be found here.