• Hotel Representation - Preferred Partnerships

Benefit from our Preferred Partnerships

HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts have set up preferred partnerships directly with small and more regional travel agencies, who don’t normally have an RFP programme, to ensure our hotel members gain high visibility and receive more business from them.

We work closely with our preferred partners to grow your hotel business through their agents and corporate companies that are part of their network. Most of our preferred partners work on a pay on performance basis, which means you simply pay commissions, when we deliver the reservations.

Preferred Partner Network

A network of preferred partners allows HotelREZ to:


Access their offices and train agency staff about our hotel portfolio


Market to front-line agents on their extranets and via newsletters


Identify corporate clients we can supply volume discounted rates to


Emphasise our hotels on their reservation systems where possible

In addition to preferred partnerships with smaller and regional travel agencies, HotelREZ has also put in place alliances with many of the global consortia and TMCs in order to remove the annual fee for participation in their programmes. This way, hotels are able to participate in consortia programmes on a Pay On Performance basis.

You simply pay when consortia reservations are generated, with no up-front costs. 

Our Preferred Partners Include:

Other Targeted Sales & Marketing Activities