• Hotel Internet Distribution

Hotel Internet Distribution

Rates and content loaded into CentralREZ, our Central Reservation System (CRS), are distributed to hundreds of websites connected via our CRS, Pegasus or channel manager tool.

When you change your rates in CentralREZ, real-time updates are seamlessly sent to the network of connected websites. Not only does this reduce the time and effort it takes to change rates, but it also helps you to increase consumer confidence by offering rate parity across the many different websites you distribute to.

Integrated Hotel Channel Management

If you currently work with a channel manager to manage a number of OTA extranets, you can now also manage this business via the CentralREZ CRS, and our integrated channel management tool ChannelREZ. Alternatively if you prefer to continue working with your existing provider, CentralREZ can interface to most of the leading channel managers in the marketplace today. ChannelREZ manages availability in real-time. If more rooms are sold locally than anticipated, ChannelREZ automatically adjusts your channel allocations. The reverse is also true, if more rooms are sold via a particular online channel, ChannelREZ will adjust local availability accordingly.

More Sales, Less Effort – HotelREZ Hotel Internet Distribution

  • Embarrassing over bookings and erroneously closed out channels are a thing of the past
  • Dramatically reduces the time spent managing different channels
  • Increases occupancy and revenue by ensuring inventory is exposed to your chosen channel
  • Easily achieve rate parity with all your inventory, rates and availability held in a single location
  • Flexible, easy to use web-based interface
  • Access to the leading online travel agencies

Websites Connected Include:

HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts – Consumer Website

All member hotels are featured on our consumer facing website www.hotelrez.co.uk, and benefit from online marketing campaigns designed to build brand awareness of the HotelREZ portfolio as well as increase online direct bookings. Tactics used to drive traffic to our website include PPC, SEO, social media and email campaigns. In addition, HotelREZ takes advantage of affiliate programmes and group level agreements with major Meta Search sites such as RoomKey.com and Wego.com. Visit our consumer website and social media networks for examples of how we manage the HotelREZ brand online:

Other Distribution Services

At the core of HotelREZ hotel internet distribution is CentralREZ, an online hotel Central Reservation System (CRS) with integrated channel management tools. From CentralREZ you can load and manage your rates and content for a multitude of channels, including the ones below.
Access to over 500,000 travel agents, corporate and MICE bookers worldwide who use the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and to millions more consumers who use websites that are powered by them. Hotel GDS Reservations
REZbooker 3.0 from HotelREZ is the hotel industry’s most feature-rich booking engine, designed to help independent hotels and small chains convert online shoppers to hotel guests, and delivering real-time confirmed reservations.Hotel Booking Engine
The HotelREZ call centres operate to drive business to hotel members through incentive programmes. Your hotel can also use our call centres as an overflow service when your lines are busy or to run specific campaigns.Hotel Call Centre
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